Ya I "Make Art"

Sage Shemroske: writer and human

Ya I "Make Art"

Sage Shemroske

Sage Shemroske grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, temporarily lived in Chicago proper, and then moved back in with their parents to save money. They’ve also lived in Rock Island, Illinois but did not enjoy it all that much. They consider Chicago their home but guesses a lot of people say that. Sage focuses on accessible confessional poetry with themes of politics, gender, sexuality, and Growing Up ™.  They’re a big proponent of tenderness and vulnerability; they believe that apathy and/or overly metaphorical work is overrated. Sage’s biggest accomplishment to date was convincing people on Twitter that they write for Vice.

Sage holds 1/3 of a political science degree and 1/3 of a creative writing degree from Augustana College. In November 2016 they withdrew from college after losing their financial aid. One day they will go back to college, but for now they are grateful to have had their poems featured in Sea Foam Mag, Water Soup, Black Napkin press, Spy Kids Review, and Rat’s Ass Review.

They strictly tweet things that would make their dad uncomfortable @witchxtits


Sometimes I post poetry I've read aloud on Vimeo. This is a poem entitled 'I Won't Say Great'" which has been featured on Rat's Ass Review